Reclaim Your Seat at the Throne of Your Heart. Unite your Inner King and Queen. Heal Your Relationships.

Your immersion into Venus is a journey into the depths of your relationships. Not just with others but with yourself too. This is the pathway of acceptance, healing and integration. The end result is a deep sense of wholeness.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • Using Your Toolbox

    • The 64 Doors

    • 64 Dilemmas

    • 64 Victim Patterns

    • Crystal Alphabet Hexagram Index

    • Gene Keys Animal Totems

    • Gene Keys Affirmations

    • Line Keynotes

    • Spectrum of Consciousness

    • Gene Keys Support Packet

    • Line Companion (Human Design)

  3. 3
    • Welcome Call Replay

    • Audio Only

    • Commitment Statement

  4. 4
    • Overview, Notes and Questions for Contemplation

    • Palmistry and Living Canvas Replay

    • Slides

  5. 5
  6. 6
    • Attraction Sphere Workbook/Journal

    • Attraction Sphere Guided Visualization and Healing

    • Morning CoCreation Process

    • Attraction Sphere Teaching

  7. 7
    • IQ Sphere Guided Visualization

    • IQ Sphere Workbook/Journal

    • IQ Sphere Teaching

  8. 8
    • EQ Sphere Guided Visulization

    • EQ Sphere Workbook/Journal

    • EQ Sphere Teaching

  9. 9
    • SQ Sphere Guided Visulization

    • SQ Sphere Workbook/Journal

    • SQ Sphere Teaching

  10. 10
    • Core Sphere Workbook/Journal

    • Core Sphere Teaching

    • BONUS HEALING: Core Wound (& SQ) Meditation + Healing with Capucine Fachot

    • Planetary and Racial Wounds

  11. 11
    • Master Key Integration

    • Closing Ceremony & The Art of Dying

    • Post-Assessment

    • BONUS TEASER: The Sacred Union & 2021

We use our relationship as a mirror

The microcosm always reflects the macrocosm. What does that mean? Our external world is a reflection of our internal. Our perception of what we see and experience can tell you a lot about your internal state.  You are able to use an external relationship as the catalyst for healing.   

We meet all parts of ourselves.

These inner archetypes include: our Animal, Perceiver, Alchemist, Gate Keeper, Mother, Father, and Divine Child. These are all part of the Self.  Within our inner-space we are given an opportunity to sit at the table with all these inner archetypes. This requires teamwork, acceptance and communication and each part has a place within the whole.   


We reclaim all parts of ourselves.

We heal the traumas by being present with each aspect and accepting them back into our hearts. We befriend these parts of ourselves and slowly unite with each -- breaking down the boundaries and barriers that fragment and separate us from our own wholeness.  When we travel the Venus pathway it is a journey of reclamation. Wholeness means alignment with our inner light and source of power.

We enter the portal to darkness and light.

When you say yes to wholeness you also say yes to acceptance of all parts of you. This include the dark parts. The things that need reclaiming are often shoved away in a dark corner and in the distant recesses of your mind and heart. Tucked away so no one can ever hurt them again. This is a soul retrieval. And the commitment means going into the underworld of your subconscious to rescue them.    

Dive Deep into the Venus Sequence

Heal Your Relationship to Yourself and Others. Open Your Heart.

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