Your Introduction to Human Design, Gene Keys, Astrology and the 64 Archetypes

In this 5-Part Series, you'll learn about the systems we use here at Unlock Your Design and how to begin to "Bridge the Gap" between them. We will introduce and decode Human Design, Gene Key, Astrology and our 64 Archetypes.

Our 5-Part Series

  • Part 1: Bridging the Gap

    An introduction and overview of the systems and why Bridging the Gap is important.

  • Part 2: Human Design Decoded

    Understand the basics of the Human Design system including terminology, the 9 center themes, Strategy and Authority.

  • Part 3: Gene Keys Decoded

    Understand the Gene Keys system including terminology, the golden path sequences, the sphere and the 6 lines.

  • Part 4: Foundations of Astrology

    Learn the basics of astrology including terminology and an overview of the houses & planets.

  • Part 5: Portals of Deconditioning & the 64 Archetypes

    Get oriented with our 64 archetypes and how you can begin to Walk the Wheel of deconitioning to come back home to your True self.

The Foundations Series


  • Replays of all 5 Parts

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  • Replay of our BONUS Q&A Session


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