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We reach many thresholds during the course of our lives. It's up to us to decide if we have the courage to step through the door and say yes to an opportunity and the potential to grow, learn and even fail.

There are three things we believe you need to have access to to be able to make decisions that are in your highest good. If you are able to connect to these things, you can make the decision to step through the threshold with confidence or not. 

Oftentimes we look outside of ourselves for proof or validation of our choice or to be persuaded or convinced. Instead of listening to our own inner guidance we doubt ourselves and look for "proof" outside of ourselves. 

What if everything we needed was inside of us and it was more than just listening to your intuition. That's the common spiritual answer when people are faced with a decision.

"Just listen to your intuition."

Sometimes that's not enough for people who aren't as confident in themselves and their inner knowing. Our mind likes to second guess.

It's a process to get aligned with your soul, your true design and to hear your intuition and listen to your body.

We go into embodiment in our other programs & mentorships.

These are the three things we believe can help you make decisions with confidence:

1. Courage

It's easy to stay within your comfort zone. It's easy to keep doing what you've always been doing. It's easy to make excuses why you shouldn't take a risk. But nothing new ever comes inside your comfort zone. Growth happens when we say yes to new things. We aren't talking about taking unfounded risks (in some cases those are great). We are asking you to access the courage within to meet life and the shocks, surprises and disappointments it comes with. The Courage to THRIVE. This is the courage to say yes to not just anything but to knowing yourself. To uncovering your souls desires and to living from a place of alignment and embodiment of that soul. 

2. Motivation

When you know your reason for saying yes to an opportunity it gives you the confidence to commit and follow through. This isn't what your mind thinks it wants. We are talking about the motivation you were designed to live by. We are going to reveal the 6 motivation types based on your human design. Most human beings are living their OPPOSITE motivation type. Let's explore what turns you on about living life. Let's explore your why for living. When you align with the correct motivation life gets juicy. Life feels fulfilling. You say YES to the things that matter to YOU.

3. Your A-Team

This isn't external. These are the inner archetypes. The ones that are part of your blueprint and the ones that come in and out of your life as the earth spins around the sun. You have consistent allies and transitory teammates.  The good news… you are not ALONE. When you know what's alive inside of you and what is activated by the Cosmos you become aware of your influencers. Our decisions are not only influenced by the people around us (if we let them) but the energy present in the moment. Know your design, know how your energy works, know who you are and who you are not. Align by design and make decisions that are correct for YOU. 

The Threshold awaits you and we want to see you THRIVE by design. 

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The Schedule

  • DAY 1: The Courage To Thrive

  • DAY 2: Your Motivation

  • DAY 3: Your Allies

  • DAY 4: Your Call to Adventure

Are you ready to Thrive by Design?

Who are you uniquely? 
Do you dare to create from the inside out? 
What is stopping you?
What needs to go so you can come out of the roles and boxes and be you? 
What areas are you still feeling constricted in? 
Where are expectation still influencing who you show up as? 
Profession, workplace, parenting, partnership, intimacy?

What are you waiting for? Who's permission do you need? Who is the igniter of your courage?