Your Roadmap to Gemini Season

May 21 - June 20

GEMINI SEASON ARCHETYPES: The Influencer 8, The Tranquil 20, The Enthusiast 16, The Heroine 35, Goodwill 45, The Prophet 12 & The Wild Woman 15

Setting You Up for Success

What you can unlock during this masterclass series

  • Live Masterclass with Replay available

  • Roadmap for Success - You will be able to use the activated energy to build and support your life, business and relationships

  • Archetype Allies - Learn how you can partner with these Gemini archetypes to support your business

  • Learn Basic Astrology - Leverage the wisdom of the signs and planets to supercharge your business potential and impact

  • Pitfall Warnings - Understand the potential challenges so that you can avoid of the traps

  • Potential Pathways - More potential for success when you know how to utilize the incoming energies of the month

  • Uncover all that is possible for you when you align to Gemini energy and bring through your most exaulted expression into the world


Lifetime Access, Reusable Yearly