Your Roadmap to Aquarius Season

January 20 - February 18

AQUARIUS SEASON ARCHETYPES: The Magician 60, The Originator 41, The Eutierrian 19, The Confidant 13, The Revolutionary 49, The Fire Starter 30

Using Astrology & the 64 GK/HD archetypes to create a zodiac season roadmap for your life and business.

This course includes a roadmap highlighting the pitfalls and potentials of this zodiac season. We also introduce you to the corresponding house, ruling planet, associated archetypes, as well as practical ways to live in flow and alignment with universal energies during this time.


"It more than satisfied my line ONE nature.

It quenched my thirst and offered me tools to sink my mind, body and heart into.

Thank you so much.

If you were on the fence about learning Astrology AND you are also loving what Human Design and Gene Keys is providing you, I would say that this unique and dynamic format is accessible and feels like golden thread weaving it all together.

My Lunar New Year feels more accessible now. 

I feel like an infomercial...sincerely knocked this one out of the park."

- Jennifer C.


"It was amazing. I am so glad I made it there live. The energy was so alive in the container. Thank you for always giving 110% into these comforting containers."

- Jacqueline L.


Setting You Up for Success

What you can unlock during this series

  • Aquarius Season Masterclass

  • Roadmap for Success - You will be able to use the activated energy to build and support your life, business and relationships

  • Archetype Allies - Learn how you can partner with these Aquarian archetypes to support your business

  • Learn Basic Astrology - Leverage the wisdom of the signs, houses and planets to supercharge your business potential and impact

  • Pitfall Warnings - Understand the potential challenges so that you can avoid of the traps

  • Potential Pathways - More potential for success when you know how to utilize the incoming energies of the month

  • Trade force for Flow - Go WITH the flow of these energies and stop FORCING against them so that you preserve your own energy and don't fall into exhaustion and fatigue


Lifetime Access, Reusable Yearly

Course curriculum

    1. ♒ Uranus Unleashed

    2. ♒ Aquarius Season Q&A and Chart Interpretations

    1. Welcome to Aquarius Season!

    2. An Invitation | The Setup Facebook Group

    3. Would you like personalized assistance this zodiac season?

    1. PDF | Aquarius Roadmap V3 (please print/download before webinar)

    2. ♒ Aquarius Roadmap Masterclass

    3. Next Steps | FB Group and Continuation of Series

    1. 🔭 The Foundations of Astrology | Pt 1 | Weaving the Systems

    2. Tutorial | How-To Get Your Natal Chart (Genetic Matrix)

    3. 🔭 The Foundations of Astrology | Pt 2 | The Zodiac Signs, Houses and Planets

    4. Zodiac Keynoting

    5. HD Astro Mandala

    6. The 12 House Themes

    7. Jan 16, 2023 LIVESTREAM: Expectations, Limitations and Reinforcing Your Beliefs

About this course

  • $35.00
  • 15 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content