Quantum Prosperity

This 3-part masterclass is designed to:

  • Attune you to the mystery of your soul

  • Orient you with the power and magnetism within

  • Text length of individual points can be shorter or longer depending on your needs

  • Show you how your emBODYed pearl generates the field of Quantum Prosperity

  • Illuminate the challenge you face (that keeps you stuck in your head)

  • Invite you into the quest you accept when you answer the call of your soul (the map towards Quantum Prosperity)

  • Share with you the vehicle you use to take your business to new heights, places and dimensions

  • Prepare you to do Business by Design (aligned and empowered business)

  • Enter into your Prosperity Portal (this is how you step into Quantum Prosperity)

We are going to learn together what Quantum Prosperity is together.
  • 1

    Welcome to Quantum Prosperity

    • Welcome

    • IMPORTANT: Preparing for Quantum Prosperity

  • 2

    Foundational Resources

  • 3

    Day One: The Mystery

    • Day 1: The Mystery

    • Day 1 Chat

    • Day 1 Slides

    • [BONUS!] Meditation: Attraction & SQ

  • 4

    Day Two: The Challenge

    • Day 2: The Challenge

    • Day 2 Chat

    • Day 2 Slides

    • Line Medicine for the Pathway of Challenge

    • [BONUS] Rolemodeling the Uncomfortable...🖤🤍

  • 5

    Day Three: The Quest

    • Day 3: The Quest

    • Day 3 Chat

    • Day 3 Slides

    • [BONUS] Abundance Garden Visulization Meditation

    • What impacts your Abundance Garden?

    • Spiritual Inheritance Introduction

    • [BONUS] Master Key Meditation: Spiritual Inheritance

  • 6

    The Journey Continues ...

    • Business by Design Immersion

    • The Inner Circle Membership & BBD Readings

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