Course Curriculum

Activate your Genius and discover the first of your four prime gifts from the Gene Keys Activation Sequence.

    1. Welcome to the Activation Immersion Course

    2. Appreciation and Introduction to the Source of the Gene Keys Transmission

    3. Your Human Design Chart

    4. Human Design Basics

    5. Your Gene Keys Profile

    6. Gene Key Basics

    1. Your Backpack of Resources

    2. The 64 Doors

    3. The 64 Dilemmas

    4. The 64 Victim Patterns

    5. Crystal Alphabet Hexagram Index

    6. Gene Keys Animal Totem Index

    7. Affirmations

    8. Line Keynotes

    9. Spectrum of Consciousness

    10. Gene Keys Support Packet

    11. Line Companion (Human Design)

    12. Gene Keys Completion Sheet

    13. iChing Elemental Trigrams

    14. Elemental Trigrams PDF

    1. Life's Work Attunement

    2. Your Life's Work Sphere Teaching

    3. Life's Work Workbook (print out for the teaching)

    1. About the Attunements

    2. Reset to Original Design

    3. Ring of Seeking Macro Activation

    4. Get in the Flow of Your Design

    5. Ignite Your Creativity Activation

    6. Ideation Grounding

    1. Evolution Sphere Attunement

    2. Evolution Sphere Teaching

    3. Evolution Sphere Workbook

    4. Deep Dive into the Shadow

    1. The Lighthouse Activation

    2. Radiance Sphere Teaching

    3. Radiance Sphere Workbook

    4. BONUS: Radiant Health Codes Workbook

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