In the Strategy & Authority Masterclasses you will ...

  • Learn to follow your inner guidance system, to choose what is right for you in every situation.

  • Learn to make correct decisions based on inner authority and not your mind

  • Understand about your definition and openness in the bodygraph so you know where to ground and how you could be conditioned to live the not-self rather than your true self

  • Understand your Aura Type and how other people will perceive it

  • Get the strategy that will help you feel good in our skin no matter what life has in store for you


Your Strategy & Authority Course Includes ...

  • Live Masterclasses (2)

    Two masterclasses on the 7 Authorities and the 4 Aura Types (and associated strategies).

  • Comprehensive Workbook

    The accompanied workbook will help you explore, inquire and gather the details for the different strategies & authorities.

  • Resources

    Related resources to help you understand and begin (or continue) the process of living your strategy & authority.

  • Q&A

    A separate webinar to get your questions answered regarding strategy & authority.

  • Personalized Reading

    An opportunity to add-on a chart interpretation from one of our expert readers.

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  • $264.00

    Expansion Codes Bundle

    Your guidelines for expansion. Includes the Legacy, Protocol and Strategy & Authority courses.
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Your Facilitators

Quantum Facilitator Ashley Pfeffer

SPIRITUALITY - PARENTING - BRANDING - GENE KEYS - HUMAN DESIGN Expansion happens as you evolve on all levels. Discover your genius, open your heart and give back to the world authentically. Ashley bridges the wisdom of the Gene Keys and Human Design to help you align with your Divine Blueprint. From this place of alignment all things are possible! Her enthusiasm will activate your inner child. And as a creative catalyst she will connect you with your own creative spark within. Ashley is a master initiator that brings innovation and peace of being to people in life transitions (between the endings and beginnings). When you can find peace in being yourself, you stop comparing and competing with others. You are able to fully express your genius and show up healed, whole and empowered. This is where the magic happens and altruism begins.

Quantum Facilitator Bella Krystal

DNA ACTIVATION - GENE KEYS - HUMAN DESIGN - KUNDALINI “Follow your own unique rebellious spirit out into the world.” Bella weaves many paths into one, threading tantra and shamanism into everything she does. Gene Keys & Human Design reveal the gifts and challenges encoded in our DNA and empower us to transmute shadow patterns into gold. We start living to the fullest - aligned with our Genetic Blueprint and Soul - serving the whole through our creative expression. Enlightenment isn’t about transcending the physical body - it’s about grounding in our physicality and opening the heart. We allow life force to move through us, with its extraordinary power to unlock unprecedented levels of awareness, divine trust, love and intimacy.

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  • $264.00

    Expansion Codes Bundle

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    Business by Design: Legacy

    Learn the law you live by and the legacy you'll leave after you're gone. A masterclass on your Conscious Jupiter Activation.
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    FUEL, MYSTERY AND JOURNEY MASTERCLASSES. The trifecta of transformation. The fuel that ignites and powers you life's mission, the mystery of your Pluto activation and the hero's journey of your Chiron activation. Plus the transmutation process these three activations afford you.
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    Business by Design: Fuel

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    Business by Design: Journey

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