In Expansion Codes you will ...

The benefits of our 5 week intensive

  • Learn the unique law & guidelines you must follow to create expansion and abundance

  • Understand how to include this law in all your endeavors and activities to maximize your growth and prosperity

  • Create goals that are aligned with your essence so that the universe can conspire and manifest for you

  • Understand how to create a value based business culture for yourself and your team so that you always feel clear and motivated around the why and how of your business

  • Learn to clearly discern the shadows and limitations that arise when you get out of alignment with your values and truth, so you can course correct quickly and come back into forward momentum and expansion

  • Understand how to set up your team, workspace and daily routine to boost your work and creativity for maximum flow and teamwork

  • Learn to make decisions (based on your Human Design Strategy & Authority) in order to create personal satisfaction, peace, success and positive surprises in your life and work


5 weeks, 10 Live Calls

  • Teaching Calls & Workbook

    Comprehensive teaching calls to introduce the planetary activation associated with your Expansion Codes with accompanied workbooks to help you explore, inquire and gather the details unique to your activation.

  • Deepening & Implementation

    With our Creative Inquiry process you will connect with your expansion codes and anchor them into your body. From this place of embodiment you will have exercises for implementation into your life and business.

  • Breakouts

    You'll have multiple opportunities to share and deepen with your fellow travelers.

  • Community Space

    Dedicated Facebook group for accountability, sharing and daily prompts.

Pricing options

Select a was to invest to aligns with your needs.

Your Facilitators

Quantum Facilitator

Ashley Pfeffer

SPIRITUALITY - PARENTING - BRANDING - GENE KEYS - HUMAN DESIGN Expansion happens as you evolve on all levels. Discover your genius, open your heart and give back to the world authentically. Ashley bridges the wisdom of the Gene Keys and Human Design to help you align with your Divine Blueprint. From this place of alignment all things are possible! Her enthusiasm will activate your inner child. And as a creative catalyst she will connect you with your own creative spark within. Ashley is a master initiator that brings innovation and peace of being to people in life transitions (between the endings and beginnings). When you can find peace in being yourself, you stop comparing and competing with others. You are able to fully express your genius and show up healed, whole and empowered. This is where the magic happens and altruism begins.

Quantum Facilitator

Bella Krystal

DNA ACTIVATION - GENE KEYS - HUMAN DESIGN - KUNDALINI “Follow your own unique rebellious spirit out into the world.” Bella weaves many paths into one, threading tantra and shamanism into everything she does. Gene Keys & Human Design reveal the gifts and challenges encoded in our DNA and empower us to transmute shadow patterns into gold. We start living to the fullest - aligned with our Genetic Blueprint and Soul - serving the whole through our creative expression. Enlightenment isn’t about transcending the physical body - it’s about grounding in our physicality and opening the heart. We allow life force to move through us, with its extraordinary power to unlock unprecedented levels of awareness, divine trust, love and intimacy.

Part of a Larger Journey

Business Alchemy Intensives

Expansion Codes is our first 5-week in the Business Alchemy Trinity.
 This trinity includes The Codes of Expansion, Transformation & Illumination.

Our Business Alchemy Intensives

  • $747.00

    $747.00Business Alchemy | Transformation Codes

    Answer the call to your own Hero's journey! Discover the fuel that lives within you that is designed to empower your life's mission. Enter the mystery of your soul and begin the journey with us.
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  • $747.00

    $747.00Business Alchemy | Illumination Codes

    Align with your Leading energy, shine brightly in the world, follow your inner compass & rise to your potential.
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  • 3 x $255.00

    3 x $255.00Business Alchemy Bundle

    This bundle includes three live intensives: Expansion Codes (March 14th), Transformation Codes (April 25th) & Illumination Codes (June 6)
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Business Alchemy is part of a larger journey called SOVEREIGN which includes Business Alchemy & Business Impact.

The whole SOVEREIGN Immersion will help you identify all aspects of your Soul Business Merkaba.