The Prosperity Bundle

Business by Design

This bundle includes Your Eternal Glow, Business Archetype, Everyday Law & Fuel. These aspects make up the four points in the Pearl sequence. Taught with an UYD spin. These were part of a larger teaching called Business by Design.


  • Fuel

    Core/Vocation Sphere (GK) | Unconscious Mars (HD). Here we find your Core Talent that you are here to share with the world. Discover the high octane fuel that will support your life's mission. This is your deepest potential, transforms suffering and motivates you to excel to experience your divinity.

  • Everyday Law

    Culture Sphere (GK) / Unconscious Jupiter (HD). Show up aligned with your soul work and magnetize the team you need to manifest your greatest ideals here on earth. Manifest quantum prosperity through living your law on a day to day basis.

  • Archetype

    Your Brand Archetype illuminates your creative expression and assists you in living freedom without compromise. It is an extension of your personality. It's about selling your truth and communicating your sacred transmission to your fractal line.

  • Eternal Glow

    Pearl Sphere (GK) / Conscious Jupiter (HD). This is your glow. This is your essence and the law you live by. It’s what sparked you into this existence, and it’s what remains long after your body dies. This is your legacy.